Mustangs News · This Week in Sports: The Roosevelt Review

What’s going on Mustangs? This week we’re kicking it off with a new segment: This Week In Sports, where we cover all your favorite sports, in one place.Who says it’s too cold to get a little wet? Not our Water polo team that’s for sure, as our Lady Mustangs had a game versus Temecula Valley at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Getting stuck in the sidelines is a drag, but everybody who bounced there way over to the Girls Basketball game were living the dream. It was Roosey versus Bishop, and wouldn’t you know it, the girls had themselves a CIF game. It was a real turn out. Any and all Basketball games this were $10 General, and $5 with a student ID, but believe me, it was worth the price.

Today there will be a boys CIF Basketball game, Roosey versus JSerra at 7 p.m. Let’s hope the boys rock the house just like or girls yesterday at Bishop.

This Saturday there will also be a Wrestling CIF Individual match, goodluck to our Mighty Mustang wrestling team. Next Wednesday there will be a Girls CIF 1st round play off versus Pacifica at 3 p.m.

This week’s sports highlight goes to our Mustang girls Basketball team. I tell you it was quite a turn out, the audience was filled with cheer and overall, it was a thrilling experience.

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Article written by: Robert Gonzales